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Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Free, fully portable dual-engine cleaning toolkit that scans for and removes Malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs
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4 August 2015

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Computer viruses these days have become rather complicated and often when the Windows is running, removing them can be a huge challenge. Now in case your system has been infected by a tricky virus, you can download the Emsisoft Emergency Kit application into a removable media disk and use it to clean your system. The package includes a whole set of tools that can be directly out of a pen drive and the application is potent against most know threats.

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is designed to come to your aid when your standard antivirus tool has failed and you simply do not seem to be able to remove the virus from your PC short of a complete OS reinstall. It comes with class leading tools like BlitzBlank to remove all forms of malware from affected systems. It essentially attempts to remove compromised drivers and malicious programs that have added on to the startup program. Further a command line utility is also available to deal with serious threats that are difficult to remove otherwise. The package can eradicate even the most persistent keyloggers and root kits which many other security tools fail to remove. The application package is also ideal for system administrators in offices and tech support staff who have to deal with incidents of virus infection on a regular basis. Moreover its support for batch task execution from the command line increases it repute amongst advanced users. The tool comes with a setup size of just over one sixty megabytes and can be easily accommodated in a normal pen drive.

On account of its rich feature set and its capacity to remove malware from thoroughly compromised systems in a relatively short period of time, we mark the Emsisoft Emergency Kit with a score of four rating stars.

Publisher's description

Free, fully portable dual-engine cleaning toolkit that scans for and removes Malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) from your PC. Its the tool of choice for a second opinion scan and works well in combination with any other antivirus- and anti-malware programs. No installation required, just download and run. A typical full system scan only takes a minute and no internet connection is required to run a scan.
The cleaning toolkit includes the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, which contains the same functionality as the Emergency Kit Scanner but without a graphical user interface. This tool is made for professional users and is perfect for batch jobs.
You can extract the contents of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to a USB flash drive to create your own universal tool for scanning and cleaning infected PCs.
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Version 10.0
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